Friday Sep 08, 2017


New members: . Welcome!
Level Ups: Bree (level 5), Heather (level 2),
Masteries: Fina (bambi-thumper), Heather (anastasia-anastasia), Pam (littlemermaid-partofyourworld), Rheanna (batb-somethingsthere), Snuggly (httyd-gettingcloser),
Game Updates: Weekly / Forum Games

New decks

You may take a total of 5 cards, no more than 2 per deck;
If you donated the images you may take an extra card.

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

Not a whole lot to update on this week. I'll be adding a new skin either today or tomorrow, still getting some coding tweaks figured out. We've got those new games up and running. How are those working out guys?! I tested them so they should be working. Hope you're enjoying them! Also has everyone found their way over to the new forums?

Getting some more card decks and trade cards added. Would love to see some more level badges *wink wink* ;) So if there's anything specific you'd like to see for level badges, feel free to request or download the template and donate them.

Otherwise, that's about all for now! See ya next update!

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