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Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. Yesterday was a little hectic. Hope you all have found your way over to our new forums! I'm so sorry we had to start over, this was just such a pain in the butt. I will still give you all a heads up with I switch web hosts. We shouldn't experience any downtime (hopefully).

I think I've caught up on all member cards. If you don't have your member card yet or need one, just send me a quick reminder either on here or the Contact form.

Since it's a new month, all logs have been archived, both Card Claims have fresh cards and Melting Pot as well. Finally, I will be uploading the games that have been unfinished for weeks! Finally! Right?? Haha! If you have any issues with the new games (hopefully not) please let me know on the forums.

I think that's it for now. We have a couple of returning members, welcome back! We'll see you next week!

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