Saturday Aug 19, 2017


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Hey look...I'm not as late as I have been! Haha!

Guys, I just want to apologize about the forums. This passed week trying to get it moved over has been a nightmare. Nothing is lost, but the transfer and having my web host transfer the database is just lame. Still trying to get it up. Hopefully by next update it will be up.

We got through all your donations! All donations have been added to the site. Feels great. Keep them coming! I would love to see more level badges too, so feel free to donate some of those. I'm probably going to make a couple sets pretty soon once I get some "behind the scenes" stuff sorted out. In the mean time, I'm trying to figure out some new skins and themes. For right now while the forums are still down, please use the comments to vote for the following:

- Would you like to see any of the older themes/skins come back? If so, which one(s)?
- What new theme/skin would you like to see on the site?

For answering these in the comments, you may take two choice cards, different decks but can be from the same series :)

I think that's going to be it for now. See you all next update!

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