Friday Jul 28, 2017


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Hey everyone! So sorry I missed last week's update. I was wrapped up with stuff and honestly I just forgot. It was Monday by the time I realized it so I figured I'd just update today. To make up for it, please take an extra 3 cards from this week's deck release and 5 cards from the Randomizer. Doesn't have to be the first ones either, you can take any 5 cards from that page :)

I'm out of town again so I can't make any major site updates other than this. When I get back, I've got another site theme/skin to add and I'll make a dent in those donations! I will also be trying to team up with Jenny to get the quirks worked out in the Posters system and other games so we can get those up and running for you all!

Otherwise, I think that's all for now! See you all next week!

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