Saturday Jul 08, 2017


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Hey guys. Sorry I'm a little late again. I had some stuff going on with my mom yesterday that I had to take care of plus had to bring my car in for some maintenance.

Anyhow. The member list should be up to date with active members. As always, returning is easy as send a Contact form :)

So as I had mentioned before, next week I will be out of town and without internet. I will not be able to update the TCGs. You can continue to play games as they are all automatic. Forum games as well. Just that I'm going to be in the middle of nowhere photographing a 3-day festival :P I'll be back to updating the following week! I'm still trying to get Jenny situated so that she can start updating the site too. So hopefully soon you'll see updates from the both of us.

Have a good week everyone!

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