Friday Jun 23, 2017


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You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

I'm updating from my hotel room guys! LOL! Not much to really write on here. Games are updated and I'll be going through the member list to move inactive members to hiatus. I'll send a site wide email out as a reminder that Moving Lines is back, so if you're currently active you can ignore it. It will just be a way for other members to know that we're back and they can reply to the email to be moved back to active.

Is anyone having issues with the Claim/Donation form at all? I know at least one person was having issues. If you are, please let me know via the comments or the forums and I'll look into it. If you're super anxious to send in donations, feel free to send them via the forums.

Lastly, I'll be working on getting those last couple of games active for you when I get back from my trip and after I finish editing these photos. I have to make this event priority because it's kind of a big deal. So as soon as that's finished, I'll get working on those games and hopefully by next update you'll have more games to play.

Oh, and very lastly, I'm going to be working on some formatting changes on the site. So you might see some changes as well...don't be alarmed :P

See you all next week!

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