Tuesday May 30, 2017



As you can see Moving Lines has returned! There's still a couple of games yet to be finished but I was anxious to get this opened up. There's still plenty of activities that you can take part in until those games are available. If you notice, the TCG had a little bit of a makeover. Jenny has stepped away from TCGs due to some personal and offline things going on. With a bit of email exchange with her, I've happily adopted the site and hope to keep it going longer.

That said, here is just a general idea of what's new, changed and stayed the same.

Members! You are all still where you left off, all the data has been saved and you should be able to login to your member panel. I will give everyone about 2 weeks to get newly acquainted with the site, logged in and update trade posts. Afterward I will update the member list with all active members. Anyone who's inactive will be moved to hiatus and anyone with a dead trade post link will be removed.

Donations! All donations are accepted. Claims are not limited, however donations are limited to 10 per month.

Lastly. I did my best to go through every page on the site to make sure it works. However if you happen to come across any broken links, broken/missing images or any other errors, please let me know via the forums.

That's all for now! As a reward for all returning players, please take cards spelling Moving Lines Return (can be 2 per deck).

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